Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines Day.

It's finally here.... Valentines Day. A day to show those who mean the most to you, just how much you love them. So what are you doing for Valentines Day? Me, well I'm not sure! I think we are going to spend the day just getting to know each other again. I know that probably sounds strange but think about it, as we get older we change. We change in appearance and in our opinions and in the things we want out of our lives. Sometimes you need to sit down and remind each other of who you were and let them know who you are now. If your a parent you need to take time out as a couple and not be "Mom & Dad" for a while, time to just be "John & Jane." If you don't have kids chances are you and your husband, wife or significant other take each other for granted once in a while, right?? I know it has happened to me and my husband, that is why we need to "re-introduce" ourselves to each other. We decided to start dating again. (Each other, that is.) Rule number 1: NO talking about home or work. Just talk about yourselves, pretend you just met and you want to get to know this wonderful person sitting across from you at the dinner table! It's a good way to remind yourself of why you love this person so much!

I know that Valentines Day has become just another holiday to give gifts and have fun but don't forget that it's not the gift that counts... It's the thought behind the gift and the person that was thinking of you when they picked it out. Show that person how much you love and appreciate them, and never let them forget it. Life is short, Love is forever!

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