Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just getting started.

Have you ever noticed how when ever you just start a new project the road seems to go on forever?
Well I'm in the boat with you. My Etsy shop has been open for about a month now and things are moving slowly, but that's OK. I figure it gives me time to really get comfortable in owning my own shop. There are so many things I want to do and accomplish with my shop but I'm afraid that if it takes off too quickly I might lose track and forget where I wanted to go. Slowly gives me time to get where I want to go.

About a day or so ago one of the other etsy shop owners featured me in her blog. I thought it was so sweet of her. Well I feel like I should keep it going. So this week Since I am just starting out with my shop and my blog I thought I would return that favor that Knitrgal ( bestowed upon me by featuring a new Etsy shop owner. Tomorrow I will be choosing a shop that is BRAND NEW to etsy and feature them here.

The only trouble is there are so MANY new WONDERFUL shops that choosing just one may be difficult. But I will do my best who knows I may have more than one by the time I am done.
Stay tuned and come back tomorrow to see who I have chosen.

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