Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lots to do today!

Well today is going to be busy. First on my list I need to make a birthday cake. Today is my husbands 40th birthday. That's him with his Grandson. I make him a cake every year. He is 6 years older than me and doesn't like to make a big fuss over things for him but I do it anyway. When I ask him what he wants for his birthday he says "Nothing" and then fusses when I just go out and get something. He asks me what I want for my birthday I say nothing he comes home with Kay Jewelers, chocolate and last year he got me a calender from my favorite fantasy artist Amy Brown. Well weather he likes it or not I'm going to fuss. Cake, Ice cream, and gifts. Just because I love him!
Next on my list: I have 4 new items I HAVE to get listed in my Etsy shop today. I have been putting it of for far too long. I have photos of other items that I need to edit and get ready to post and I have 3 new ideas to put together. I also need to print out some more business cards since I'm out and..... well the list could go on forever.
Well now to get started. I'm off to the kitchen to make a birthday cake for hubby! Wish me luck, I'm making it from scratch this year. He's diabetic and my Grandmother gave me a receipt for a diabetic cake a few years ago, I'm just now getting the courage to give it a try!

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zJayne said...

Good Luck on the cake Lucy Mae and HaPPy BiRTDaY Mr. LM!! Enjoy!

It's all uphill and wonderful from here on out! 40 rocks!