Friday, November 28, 2008

Shopping Begins!

Black Friday is finally here. The streets and shops are crowded with people all fighting to get the best deals before they are gone. Why does it seem that this time of year people forget what is really important? We all go gift crazy and forget that it's the thought behind the gift that is important, not the gift it's self. This is a time of year for giving, and being thankful for everything we have.

Even I have to admit that my gift shopping is almost done. O.K. so I cheated a little, most of my gifts are handmade. Those are the gifts we should be giving this year. Those are the gifts that will be treasured for years to come. When I was younger my Grandma decided one Christmas that the only gifts allowed that year were going to be handmade. They were the best! We all drew names for the person we were making for and each gift was carefully made by the person who drew the name. Younger kids did have help but they still made it. My cousin drew my name, I was just going into High School so she made a High School scrap book. I still have it, full of all my most favorite high school memories. She used a plain photo album and printed out title pages for the Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years, as well as Newspaper clippings, Sports, Special Memories, and Friends. There were other categories as well but you could come up with all kinds of ways to use this idea.

Most everyone in my family has bought their gifts this year, despite my trying to persuade them to buy handmade or make it themselves, so I think I will bring up the idea of making our gifts next year on New Years Day and I will keep bringing it up all year long. As for my "shopping" I'm still creating. I wont tell you what I'm making until after Christmas I don't want any family members to peek.

So remember, give your heart this Christmas, make your gifts and maybe make a few extra. Don't forget those who are less fortunate than you. Your local shelters and food banks would LOVE to have your donations. Especially this time of year. It always seem that there are more that need help than those willing to help. Even if all you have is a few hours to volunteer at your local soup kitchen or homeless shelter. Is that such a bad thing to give. Maybe make a few extra blankets or scarves to take with you and donate. Don't forget your local women's shelters too. There are so many ways to show others that you care just remember to take the time to do it this year.

My point. Give from your heart. Weather to your family or to a stranger on the street. Show them you care by taking the time to make something just for them, even if it's just giving them your time.

God bless you all and have a VERY MERRY HANDMADE CHRISTMAS!!!


Grove Designs Co, aka Kriskropmemories said...

you are so right, it's hard not to get wrapped up in the holiday shopping, sometimes it feels that is the only point to Christmas.
I can't say most of my purchases will be handmade but I can say that I will do my best to help those with less this holiday season.

Jacqueline said...

I'm also done with xmas gift shopping...and they are all handmade items. n_n
Have a good restful weekend!

kim* said...

i agree :)

Anonymous said...

You are not kidding with the handmade thing. My husbands kids are too into materialism to enjoy handmade (they still can't believe people buy my handmade things!!!) and my kids are too young to appreciate it! However, when gift-card time comes around, where am I going to spend it???? Etsy!

Laura said...

You got that right Lisa. I told everyone to shop on Etsy for me. We'll see how many listened.